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About Majestic DJ & Karaoke Service

 We are often asked what sets us apart from other DJs, "what makes us special"? Here are a few reasons that make us special:


  • Experience: Wedding entertaining isn't a course you can take at the local community college. It takes years of performing for weddings to gain the knowledge and skills that you will rely on for your special day to go as planned. Our experience as both musicians and DJ's for the past 25 years including performing for many types of events, primarily weddings. When you hire Majestic DJ for your wedding entertainment, you know you are getting someone with experience, who knows how to "read the crowd" and pick the right music at the right times.


  • Personal Touch: We aim to meet with every couple, either by phone, email or in person to discuss the details of your wedding entertainment. We want to know specifically what matters to you most for that day, and will arrange for our services to fit your needs like a glove. We are always a phone call or an email away to talk about your wedding details and help you plan for the best way to make things happen, right up until the big day!


  • Understanding: From our own personal experience, we have an edge when it comes to unique circumstances. For example -weddings that blend families. We understand the challenges couples can face when they are from blended families, or are blending a new family of their own, because we've been there. Picking out the right music to express the emotions of the moments between all the special people in your lives can be a challenge. Leave it to us to help you make all the right choices.


  • Flexibility & ProfessionalismMajestic DJ takes pride in providing the most professional entertainment services, while at the same time making sure everyone is having a great time at your event! We work with the staff at your venue, your photographer, your event planner, your caterer, other entertainers, everyone who is involved in your wedding day activities, to keep things running smoothly.


When you hire Majestic DJ, you are investing in a quality service that fits within your budget and gives you everything you would expect for the wedding entertainment. We look forward to providing the DJ services for your wedding or your next event! 







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